Friday, August 26


It'll be a short one today, hopefully. Gotta get back into writing!

How do you handle the unexpected?

So there have been some new developments in my life that have caused me to slack somewhat on my screenplay. Among those was my transition out of my previous job straight into my new one, which I started Thursday morning. This whole job process has been somewhat occupying my time, what with getting everything set and ready. But it would be unfair and, frankly, untrue to blame it solely - or even largely - on the new job acquisition.

Mainly? There are two things.
  • In my script, I've been somewhat stuck. Not quite sure what should happen next, and how. My desire to keep action, dialog, and business fluid, realistic, and honest has prevented me from thinking of a solution to this scene I'm on. Usually that means a rewrite is in order, but I'm hoping an idea will come to me first. Rewrites can always happen the next time through the script. This is first draft, after all. My biggest concern with this is it's not good to be stuck when the STORY of the screenplay is already planned out. It should come more easily.
  • Second, let's be honest here. I haven't been writing because a good portion of my time has been reading comics. I know, I know: those won't do me any good, they won't push me any further toward my goals, and they don't provide applicable substance to my exercises. I've heard it all before, trust me. But, lately, I've been really getting into this one writer at DC Comics who wrote both the last Green Arrow run (#s 1-12) and Teen Titans (#s 88-100). So I read all of his issues back-to-back to really see the full story of these books. And, from the viewpoint of someone who writes, these books are brilliant. I so thoroughly enjoyed them.
So those are finished now, and I won't be devoting quite as much time to those comics as I just did for the past week or so. I'll still continue to read comics, but more moderately and in a controlled fashion. Not as an excuse to fill time.

I should have more time to devote to writing now, and that excites me (which is good, for me, to be excited returning to an idea). I'm also considering using my days off to look into taking one or two writing courses at the local community college...see how I'd benefit. Back to the screenplay now!

What sorts of distractions normally, frequently get in your way? What does it take to realize you're putting things off and to get yourself back on track? Do you allot time from your daily schedule to devote to writing, no matter what?


  1. Hi, David! I find myself distracted from writing a couple of times a year. I'm homeschooling my kids, so when I'm gearing up for the new year, I get into that and it's hard for me to write. Diablo III Is coming out in November (if it doesn't get backed up again), and I anticipate that doing a number on my writing time, lol. But for me, these little breaks are crucial. If I try to push through and keep writing 365 days a year, I burn out and don't want to do it at all. So as long as you do get back on the horse, I wouldn't worry about the comics. For most people, I think it's important to have passions that have nothing to do with your writing.

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. Hi, Becca!
    I agree with you, really. I know what that burned out feeling is like, definitely no fun. Because I have a history of just fizzling out, I feel I need to stay on top of me to keep writing. And, yes, I may not be into Diablo, but I do know that Batman: Arkham City's coming out very soon. Yikes. :P Best of luck to you!