Tuesday, February 28


Here we go again, with those crazy ups and downs of mine.

What are some things that always ruin your writing mood?

Because I'm still not in the position where I'm being paid to write - and therefore do not have a much more real motivator to actually do the writing - I continue to operate under the fickle mindset of either I do feel like writing or I do not feel like writing.

I know there are some people out there who will say this does not matter. As a wise, old, green, pointy-eared man once said, "Do or do not. There is no try." And this much is very true in most cases. The same could be said even about this case as well.

But I'm not necessarily talking about some kind of crazy whim that takes control of my mood and says, "Oh, you're going to play video games instead," and then I follow. No, I mean what happens when you are truly upset about something, and there is absolutely no possible way you could bring yourself to write.

A few things are happening for me right now. I am at the tail-end of a very stressful move to our new residence, and so everything is still so in-motion and not yet locked-down. Also because of this, I'm also very tired from all the physicality involved (which, let's be honest, I'm not used to). We'll add to being tired with a new second job I've taken up at nights on the weekend (which means, on Saturday, I'm working two full-time jobs) to render me absolutely exhausted. I don't want to say I'm complaining...but I suppose I am. But I need the second job right now.

Finally, a large amount of work I had been doing on the "Brothers" story I was writing is now missing. The only completed work I have so far is not even half of what was originally done. I'm not sure if it's saved in another location that I cannot find, or if I accidentally saved over the last draft with the one I currently have. Either way, that's causing a lot of hardship, though I guess I could choose to look at it positively and say that it's an opportunity for a fresh start (which I've already begun).

So put all of that together, and you have one incredibly stressed-out guy. I'm beginning to lash out at others around me for idiotic things, I'm always tired, and I'm hating my job right now. I miss my friends, and I'm seriously sick of boxes. The good news is, after today, the move should be finished.

I wrote a short that I want to share, and will soon, about my frustrations with my job...and how my problems are laughable compared to the hardships of others. I'm actually pretty proud of what I did, because I was very truthful and revealing about myself. I ended up slightly hating the story because of how honest it was.

I'll probably post it up here soon, who knows?