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Okay, as promised, here is a small preview of a couple - YES, TWO! - scenes in my script. Please keep in mind that this material is copyrighted under United States copyright laws. Enjoy!

Remember these facts: this is set in Cleveland, Ohio, in the summer of 1976. The first scene is the main character, Jacob - 17, short, athletically built - wakes up and heads downstairs from the apartment he spent the night in, into the bar. Carl, mid-forties and balding, is the bar and apartment owner.

INT. BAR - CONT.                                                 
          Jacob appears at the base of the stairs that leads up to the     
          loft. There are only a few people seated at tables, and one      
          OLDER GUY, mid-eighties with long white hair, at the bar         
          itself. Carl is behind, watching the TV hanging in the upper     
          corner of the room. The Indians game is playing there too.       
          Jacob moves to the bar, sits two stools over from the Older      
          Guy. Carl notices him.                                           
          He pats the counter then leans against it toward Jacob.          
                    Sleep okay?                                            
                    Yeah. Game today, huh?                                 
          Carl glances back to the TV, nodding.                            
                    Yup. We’re getting killed. I was                       
                    hoping for a good season, but we’re                    
                    heading down. Least we’re doing                        
                    better than Detroit.                                   
          Jacob nods.                                                      
                    Well there’s that.                                     
          The Older Guy turns to the two of them, face lit with            
                              OLDER GUY                                    
                    You kidding? They suck! I’m sick of                    
                    always watching the greatest team                      
                    what ever played coming in last                        
                    year after year!                                       
          Carl rolls his eyes, turns away. The Older Guy doesn’t seem      
          to notice, or doesn’t care.                                      
                              OLDER GUY                                    
                    We seen the World Series three                         
                    times! But they just can’t get                         
                    their act together! Bums! Goddamnit                    
                    if I were manager, I’d fire every                      
                    one of them! That ain’t no team                        
                    that’s playing. That’s a disgrace!                     
                    Yeah, yeah. We know.                                   
                              OLDER GUY                                    
                    Don’t you give me lip! I’ll fire                       
                    you too!                                               
          Jacob snickers. The Older Guy turns back to watch the game,      
          mumbling to himself. Jacob turns to Carl.                        
                    You mind if I step out? I want to                      
                    look around.  I’ll come back.                          
                    Yeah, sure. Take in the sights.                        
                    Just be careful, kid.                                  
          Jacob nods, gets up, heads out the door.
It's a scene that might even get removed from the final draft, but I like this Older Man guy. What's really funny is the standings at the time for the Cleveland Indians were actually 3rd place above the 4th place Tigers -- and CURRENTLY, the Tribe is 2 games below 1st place Detroit. Go figure.

This next scene is Jacob's first adventure with marijuana, led along by his older brother, Dan - 22, tall and lean. Panic sets in when their stepfather, Thomas, comes home. This sequence is a TRUE story (but not mine).

INT. HERSCH RESIDENCE - DAN’S BEDROOM - DAY                      
          Jacob and Dan sit on the floor of the bedroom, backs against     
          the bed. Dan has a tray on the floor between his spread          
          legs. On the tray is paraphernalia for rolling     
          joints, of which Dan is in the process.                          
                    Jake, man, you are going to be                         
                    taken to this magical place. You                       
                    have no idea. You’re going to fly                      
                    high. Hit that, will you?                                              
          Dan indicates the cassette player near Jacob. Jacob presses     
          the play button. "Fly Like an Eagle" begins playing. Jacob       
          watches Daniel work, appearing excited, but noticeably nervous.                                              
                    You’re sure this stuff is okay?                        
          Dan gives Jacob a look.            
                    Jake, c’mon, look at me. I’m okay,                     
                    right? Would I do anything to hurt                     
                    my favorite little brother?                            
                    I’m your only little brother.                          
                    Same thing.                                            
          Jacob smiles and takes a finished joint Dan hands over. Dan      
          holds up a lighter.                                              
                    Ready to be rocked?                                    
          Jacob places the joint in his mouth and leans over so Dan        
          can light him. Jacob takes a deep inhale as Dan lights his       
          own. Jacob starts coughing and Dan pats him on the         
                    Relax, brother. Just enjoy it. It’s                    
                    not a race.                                            
          Puffs of smoke calmly waft out of his mouth as he talks. Jacob gets     
          control of his breathing and takes another couple smaller        
          hits. Dan nods approvingly. Jacob relaxes, slumps    
          against the bedside. Daniel sings in time with the music.      
                    Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping...                    
                              DANIEL AND JACOB                             
                    Into the future...                                     
          The two continue to smoke and bob their heads to the music       
          for some time, singing more lyrics of the song.
The sound of the old, loud Comet pulling into the driveway       
          is heard, and then the car door closing. Jacob jumps,            
          dropping the joint into his lap where it burns.                  
          He picks up the joint carefully, stands up, goes to the      
          window, tripping on clothes while trying not to trip. He peeks out.                                     
                    It’s Thomas! He’s home!                                
                    So?! He can’t catch us!                                
          Daniel laughs at Jacob.                                          
                    Relax, Jake. How often does that                       
                    idiot come into my room?                               
          Jacob turns around and starts panicking, frantically looking     
          around the room.                                                 
                    He’ll smell it in the hallway!                         
          Jacob whips his hand around real fast in a vain attempt to clear     
          the air.                                                         
                    So turn the fan on!                                    
          Daniel points to a desktop fan across the room. Jacob goes       
          to it, inspects it, but shakes his head.                        
                    It’s not good enough! It’ll just                       
                    spread the smell around more!                          
          Daniel laughs more. Jacob spots a can of shaving cream           
          across the room, the scented kind. He dashes over to it as       
          he hears the front door close downstairs. He grabs the can       
          of shaving cream, shakes it while moving back to the fan.          
          Jacob removes the metal guard around the fan blades, then     
          squirts cream into his hand. Then starts carefully            
          spreading the cream onto the fan blades.                         
                    Jake...what are you doing?                             
                    If I put the cream on the fan, and                     
                    turn the fan on, it’ll blow the                        
                    scent around the room.                                 
          Jacob looks sincerely at Dan.                                    
                    It always smells good in the                           
                    bathroom after you shave.                              
          Daniel laughs.                                                   
                    You really think that’s going to                       
          Jacob does not answer. He is too busy coating the fan            
          blades. Done, he wipes his cream-covered hand on      
          his shirt and switches on the fan, but to the highest setting.      
          The fan immediately starts up, gets to top speed in a         
          couple seconds. It suddenly sprays a straight line of            
          shaving cream in an outward circle. That line goes all           
          around: from the desk to the wall, across the ceiling and then
          straight down Jacob’s middle. He jumps from the surprise and switches     
          the fan off. Daniel is rolling on the floor laughing. Jacob 
starts chuckling, and that quickly turns into loud laughing too.

So there you have it! Those are two of the scenes from my script! You'll have to forgive me for giving "useless" scenes - in the sense that I cannot yet include scenes that give away the actual plot or important stuff like that. So I hope you've enjoyed.

Let me know what you think! Comment below! Thanks for reading!

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