Friday, August 12


(Read the title of this post while playing the "Pause" noise from Super Mario Bros. in your head)

How long do you go before feeling guilt for not writing?

Wow. It's Friday, and I have not written anything this whole week. There is one thing that I did accomplish, though. In my previous post, "Plans", I talked about the next few writing exercises I wanted to develop into full works. I went and detailed those plans out on a notes page. Came up with tentative titles for each one and a brief tagline so I can remember what it's about when it's time. That's not exactly something to go jumping and dancing about, but at least I did something creative in lieu of writing for my current piece.

There is one more thing, then, according to what I've just mentioned. ...I now have a working title for my current exercise that I am somewhat satisfied with.

Before, I was calling it "My Brother is Lost", but that felt weak and not as specific as I wanted it. I haven't been troubling with a title, because it's not necessary at this point, but I want to be able to call it something. That's what I had for a while, and I wasn't happy with it. So, after coming up with that list of upcoming plans, I included my current one and created a title for it I was less angry with: "My Missing Brother".

The reason I was willing to deal with the first tentative title (so many T's!) was because of how ambiguous it was. The same for this new one. What I like about them both is that, when spoken, it can apply to either of the two brothers my story is about! Gasp! Plot! Redirection! Is that a twist I see?! ...No. I guess not. But I do like the duality the titles allow. So this new one, "My Missing Brother", is much better to me. Which do you prefer?

So I've been teasing and promising a bit of work from my piece, to show what I've been working on, and I could...that's no problem. So I suppose I could do that. In my next post. And that may just be later today. I need to figure out which scene I want to preview. I think I have the right we'll see. Thanks for reading! Catch ya later!

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