Monday, August 1


So I met another fellow writer (or my newly-defined case "person who loves to write") last night and we really hit it off. Apparently he has works in progress AND works that are finished! I know! Finished! Who'd have thought it's possible?

How do you act around new friends who write?

Point's always nice to have yet another set of so-far unbiased eyes to look over my exercises.
(again, "exercises" is the new word for "projects" in order to make it sound less like work)

I'm pretty excited because, already, we've agreed to look at each other's stuff and offer opinions. He, like myself, judges his work harshly even in the face of others giving him shining compliments. Then again, these "others" are good friends of his. I explained my two-part theory to him:
- That writers, and artists in general, are usually hypercritical of their work, even if it is really good;
- and to never seek advice or approval from close friends and family...because they are biased.
He seemed to agree with me on that, so I offered myself as a completely stand-alone judge to take a look at this work that our mutual friend said was outstanding (that the author says is bad).

One of my previous points in my blog was how I have a lack of people to successfully bounce off of in terms of writing and ideas. Things like that really help psyche me up for creating. It looks like the universe is answering my need by presenting another opportunity. Here is another creative mind with which I can hopefully learn and grow from. Hopefully I can also provide that back. Maybe this goes nowhere, who knows?

In other news, my own exercise is limping along - it got somewhat injured during my own mental breakdown/breakthrough - and so I am trying to make it fun and exciting for me again. Still in Act 1 of the screenplay, and I've decided to more take it easy in terms of structure and pacing. Next to dialog, pacing is probably the thing with which I have the hardest time. So I'm not going to pay as much attention to that for this first draft...and I'll just let it all flow. Later, when I rewrite, I'll focus it more and fit it into a neatly paced structure.

That's all for now. Still not enough written to provide samples - and nothing too interesting to show either. But soon.

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