Sunday, September 4


UGH. I'm having such a hard time with this, it's almost embarrassing.

Are YOU reliant on social networking websites?

Well, the computer's in the shop. And, the way it's going, I don't know when we're getting it back (thanks, Geek Squad, won't ever be using you again). It's a simple fix, really, but their communications systems are completely unreliable and useless. So, the absence of the computer has done three things to me, I've found.
  • I can't write. Okay, that's a bit general. My "Brothers" story is all contained on that computer. No backups. I know, I know...I'm an idiot. Point is, all my notes, the script and story so far, is all on that computer. So, yes, I could write if I wanted to. Just paper and pen, right? But there's no reference. There's nothing I can look back on if I need to go, "Hey, what was that back there again?" Is that an excuse? Some people may say so. I feel it's a legitimate concern. What if I do all this writing, and find it's no good because of contradicting elements that I'm forgetting? Is that an excuse? Up to you, I guess.
    • Also, when I hand write like that...I don't know what it is, perhaps the fact that virtually my entire adult life has been spent at a hand cramps up really quickly and hurts, quite a lot actually. So I have this aversion to writing by hand. Another excuse? Could be, I suppose, but I'd rather not be in pain, tell you the truth.
  • The second thing not having a computer has done is bring me to see something about myself - I'm totally dependent on social networking to survive. Alright, a bit overdramatic (but, hey, that's what I'm known for). This is actually a coupling of two things: no computer + new job. At my old job, I had the leisure time to just browse Twitter ([at]chambernaut) all the time. Seriously. Constantly. Same with Facebook. But now, I don't have that kind of time with this new job. Now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE my new job. It's pretty sweet. I'm finding that I miss that time, though. So, now, with the computer at home gone...and the absence of Twitter throughout the day...I'm getting twitchy. I really feel like I'm missing out on things that I'd otherwise know and enjoy.
  • Finally, it's the same with Blogger here - I used to have the time to go through all the blogs I follow and read the posts and participate (sorry, Jami!). Not to mention update THIS blog, which is why I haven't been posting new content as regularly as before.

So that's basically my pain right now. Twitter withdrawals and a burning need, yet hesitance to write.

I'm curious to know what you think.

Am I making excuses?

Do you find yourself making excuses for not writing, when you know full-well you could be writing at that very moment?

How many days can you go, comfortably, without looking at Twitter? Facebook? Blogger?

Thanks for reading!


  1. First, never go to Best Buy...they suck. Second, you could always go back to your old shitty job so that you have more time to play. "The grass is always greener on the other side". Or you can accept that you and your fellow non-financially independent, don't have the time in our busy schedules to do all of the fun things we enjoy doing. That's why they invented weekends & vacations. You think you don't have time now? Just wait until you have kids. :)

  2. Ack! I feel your pain. Well, sort of. My computer works fine, but I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome last week. So I've been seriously limiting my time at the keyboard. And it's killing me. Yes, I'm stealing away a few moments tonight to make my way through the blogosphere. But I'll pay for it later. There's advil for that. Wishing you the best with your story. And next time, BACK UP YOUR WORK!