Monday, March 28


So here's something interesting. No sooner than I posted on this chronicling than a friend of mine approaches me with an offer of collaboration on an idea he has. I began to grapple, then, with the idea of working on multiple projects (with help on one), and trying to focus on just one so that I can actually get it done.

This is my real problem: Can I actually divert enough of my attention to both projects without sacrificing the quality or time-frame of either?

So here is where I'm worried. Do I go for it? I feel like I'll have enough help in BOTH cases to be able to focus on each fairly. For example -

  • The source material for the book is given to me. I will have to create my own stuff for the screenplay, yes, but the basis for everything I need is there already. So creation itself will not be as necessary. Just more of a translation into another language.
  • With this second project, this collaboration, it will be just that: working together with another writer. So I will not be the only one on this new thing. I will not be solely tasked with creating every detail. That is definitely a plus.

I believe, for a writer in my stage of professional development, that these are two prime examples of how I need to start my career. Projects where I am not the only person behind the wheel, in some sense of the phrase. I guess I'm looking for advice? Suggestions? Guidance? Something along those lines. What do I do in my case? Do I devote myself completely to just one project until it's finished? Because, with a screenplay, it can take months and months, even more, to perfect. Or do I risk it and try out two projects - even if the second project has minimal involvement until I feel comfortable enough to work on it more and more, over time?

This is my dilemma. What needs to happen?

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