Sunday, March 27


I need to indulge myself here. My own kind of self-pity, so forgive me.

My question to myself that I'm posing here is...why don't I ever finish a project that I start?

Now, this may be a most discouraging question to see coming from someone who is expecting to write a feature-length film from a book his grandmother wrote. I know how it looks. Believe me when I say that that question bothers me more than anyone else who may read it. It's a problem I've been working with for a very long time, actually.

I cannot even count how many projects or ideas I've began since I took to writing seriously in middle school. I have so many ideas, so many characters, so many's a bit depressing, really. I always begin...never finish. In fact, of all my writing projects, I've only ever completed one, just out of high school. And even that's disappointing because it was far back enough that my talent was...well, lacking. So it's not that great of a screenplay.

From there it was a run of starting this and that, and quitting projects for whatever reason, and also just plain stopping. But why? What causes me to become so disinterested? It's something that I struggle with a lot, and it's something that, every now and then, gets me down. It's always a fear that I have that, whenever I begin a project, I have to wonder how long it's going to last this time.

So many distractions...I think that's most of it. So I have to really focus here. Hopefully I'll be back to full speed with this reading this week.

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  1. I have the same problem, dude. The one thing I've learned that really helps me is moderation. For me, if I get into ANYTHING seriously- be it a video game, music, an RP plot....I tend to ride that bastard out. I'll indulge and indulge and indulge until I cross the point where I'm burnt out and didn't even realize I was there. DCUO is an example that you saw perfectly. Same thing with X-Mansion Future. I get so wrapped up in whatever it is I'm doing that I overdrive it and then I get super disinterested because I've had my fill.

    Maybe pace things out. Do a little bit, stop. Do some more, stop. Find something else. But always remember to come back to it. Moderation is key.