Sunday, March 27


So there has not been an update in some time, I see. I've been aware of this as the week moved on. Here I am telling more people about this blog, asking them to read about it, and even telling them, "Yeah, so I update this about twice a week." ...Yet there hasn't been a new post for one and a half weeks.

There is a reason for this. The past week has been somewhat of an unpredictable one. Usually I use the time I have at work to read the book I'm adapting. Lately, that time has been preoccupied by something else, where that time exists. So not only has this past work week been a bit busy, but I've also been distracted. "Boo," I know. Beyond work, I, myself, have been feeling stranger than normal. There have been some up and some down moments since my last posting. And that has affected my mood and desire to continue this project.

I do plan on picking it back up this week, and get back on the hopefully I won't become so easily distracted again. On the plus-side, a neighbor of mine gave me a new scriptwriting program that I haven't tried yet. Normally, I just use Celtx, because it's awesome (and before that, my own recorded macros in Microsoft Word). So I'm excited to check out this other software. Can't remember exactly what it's called at this time, but I'll update again with more on that later.

I'm trying to pull myself up out of this slump, and trying to make myself feel better...while also not distracting myself too much as well. I realize that this adaptation will need a lot of work, dedicated time and energy, but sometimes it's so easy to lose sight and focus on the goal. Perhaps I should get back on the Ritalin...that may help. I'll keep updating on how that goes as well (so long as I have some left).

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