Sunday, March 13


Alright then, welcome to my blog.

The purpose of all of this is to give me some inspiration, and to chronicle my journey. I am an aspiring screenwriter, trying to carve a path for myself into mainstream movie-making. I believe I have the ability, the talent, and drive to make it into "the business", and I definitely have the proper tools in place.

So this blog will be my "journal" of sorts - my outlet for all things concerning writing, my writing, and whatever else happens to cross my mind. Hopefully I'll obtain followers along the way...which is to say hopefully this blog will be interesting to people besides my own self.

While working through the various writing projects I've begun, I have found a certain lack of drive at some point through the thing. I'm hoping this will allow me a place away from under par performance, and a sort of "inner sanctum" to how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking about my work. A way to unwind and explain what is or isn't coming to me. That way hopefully this will inspire me to continue writing or at least working on it somehow...and my writing will inspire new posts on this blog.

So that's the plan. Having said so project is an adaptation of a book my grandmother wrote a few years back. She has been trying to get it made into a film for a while now, with the help of some friends who are more "in-the-know", with little success so far mainly on the screenwriter aspect of it. So, angry with the pathetic try the last hiree attempted, I offered myself up to adapt the book. She agreed, of course, and I am excited to get it done.

I have begun already with re-reading her book and taking notes to form the main timeline of the film and what I want to happen when. I am currently one-fifth of the way through the story, and hope to start on my major note-taking once I am finished. I'll be updating this blog regularly throughout, again, in the hopes to inspire myself in numerous ways.

I hope you follow along on this journey: my very first, potentially-professional, feature-length adapted screenplay. I'll talk more about the book I'm working on in a later post, when I have more of an idea of what I'll be doing. For now, take note that it is a story about death, the afterlife, and the lives of those who are left behind on the Earth plane.

See you next time!

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