Tuesday, April 5


It appears that I have, once again, not updated this blog with the frequency that I would like.

However this is an acceptable absence for me. We have taken this time to remodel our living room. When my wife and I moved into this place, we didn't have any of our own furniture. It all came from the good will of other people. While we appreciate those gestures, it's nice to finally start building our future together in the form of FURNITURE!

So this past week we have been hard at work demolishing old furniture and assembling new things. We are expecting more this weekend, and then it should be finished. I'm very excited about what's coming.

It may also be of some coincidence that my lack of progress with the writing project is related to me having forgotten my book at home each day of the week. Thus I have not been able to read at work. A bit of a bummer, yes, but I'm going to be more vigilant in remembering to bring the book every day.

More updates to come soon! Including pictures of the completed living room!

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