Wednesday, April 20


So I must concede defeat. I must acquiesce to the challenge. I must lay down before the weight of this stone crushes me.

There are two problems I have.

One is, unfortunately, after several attempts to draw a genuine, believable "through-line" out of the story given in the book, I was unable to build a real successful story. I was unable to truthfully create content for a screenplay that remains wholly true to the story in the book.

The other problem is that, because of this inability, I have become extremely stagnant in my writing overall. Notice the lack of updates on this blog alone. So I've been a bit depressed about all that: not being able to write at all. I'm not bitter, or upset at the book adaptation project, but I have other stories that are more developed than this that I put on hold to work on this adaptation.

I just think that, for someone at my level and experience of writing...I'm not quite ready to take on this challenge. I honestly do believe that somewhere there is a story that has the proper elements to create a compelling film, but I and my skill are not able to find it at this time, and it's having a vampiric effect on me - draining me of my energy, my will to write, and my time.

I must, sadly, step down. I do not want to be that disappointment to my grandmother; I love her to pieces. I know that I told her that I would do this...but without help, it's just something I would not be able to do at this point in my life. It is not genuine to what I can write about. Myself, as a writer, am unable to be sincere about this.

That, of course, does not signal the end to this blog. My chambers are deep, indeed, for I am a nautilus. I constantly construct new chambers around me in which to house my most prized possessions, and most cherished creations. I have so much to show. I shall now refocus my efforts into a story that I am 100% about, and something that is truly what I am as a writer.

Please feel free to continue following this blog, or keep coming back as I make new posts to check up on me, as I go back to stories that motivate me to the likes that I remember.

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