Friday, April 22


I've always been a big supporter of the theory that a story changes from the point of its conception to the finalized form that you see. It's very much like a human being. When it's born, the parents always have an idea of how they would like the baby to grow, what they wish it to do with its life and so on. As that baby grows, the parents see how it takes shape all on its own and becomes interested in so many different things, sometimes as quickly as a light switch being thrown. Finally, the baby, now an adult, has chosen the path it wants to take, and has taken full form as a product of everything it's done and tried throughout its life so far.

Now go through that and replace "parents" with "author", and "baby" with "story". The interests that the baby, or child, has are the various different versions, or directions the story has or goes through.

My story, that I've been working on for over a year, has suddenly morphed into a brand new shape. With the help of a friend, I have something new. Something promising. And, surprisingly, the part of the original version that I thought was so compelling and made the story so original is the part that's been completely omitted now.

I'm not quite ready to start on an outline or treatment yet. It definitely needs more fine-tuning. But I feel this new direction can really allow me to show some harsh realities that I simply did not have time for in the original version.

So, here, we say "goodbye" to several beloved characters. Here, we depart from an exciting action feature, complete with superpowers...and we engage on a heartwarming, tragic and touching story about loyalty and discovering what you really need in life.

I am very excited.

Please keep coming back as I continue to update this blog with more absolute excitement!

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