Friday, January 13


Check that out, a light at the end of the tunnel...

What gives YOU hope?

Every now and then, I get this feeling. I look at the things around me, at the position I'm in, and I feel a little funny inside. It's really hard to explain just what it does to me, but stomach-dwelling butterflies are involved for sure. A feeling of privilege is present. And a happiness comes into harbor.

It's hope. An extreme positive outlook on my future. Because of how hypercritical I can be of myself, and of how distracted and disheartened I can get, this feeling is rare...especially when it's this strong.

Now, I am one to get my hopes up. I expect a lot, and frequently receive very little. I can't help it though. I'm a hoper. I love the feeling that things are looking bright. It's kind of intoxicating. I get all excited and start sharing the good news (however potential it may be) with everyone! I think a part of this is me wanting to appear successful to people so that they congratulate me and say really positive things. Why do I crave this? I'm not sure...perhaps it's to counter that personal feeling of inadequacy, or to ward off the negativity I've felt from others throughout my life. I can't say, though, because I just don't know.

However, today's hope is brought to you by a seemingly universal alignment. I started writing comic book reviews because I felt overwhelmed by my normal projects that I had been attempting, and that recently turned into something meaning just a little more. My close friendship with Kristen, and my offer to explore some background-less characters has, also, recently turned into something more.

Meanwhile, I look around me and I see certain resources lining up all on their own. One of my favorite DC Comics writers, J.T. Krul, started a blog of his own (find it here and on my sidebar!), and he starts talking about script styles and formats for comic books. This is something I'm very interested in, and I value his opinion so highly. On my Twitter account ([at]chambernaut), I start getting Followers related to writing comics, creating comics, and resources for doing so. Funny enough, creating a comic was an idea I had recently, in regards to one of my long-time project ideas. I even did some research on it.

A good friend of mine, Taz, presents me with priceless advice and resources through which I can perfect my craft. He also instills such confidence into my own abilities and passion for writing that I can't help but feel better about myself after talking to him. Another person whose opinion I value highly. His perceived frustration with me and my...lack of actually a clawing, mad hope that I'll find the success I'm looking for.

All of this, combined together, is just something that I can't ignore. I can't sit here and go, "Oh, what a coincidence." That would undermine the whole reason it's happening. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to go swinging all over the place, jumping from one compulsion to the next. I simply know that these are here. I shall remain surrounded by these fantastic turn-offs and side-trips..."tourist traps," I think I'll call them. I enjoy their company, and I'm very excited and happy about the feeling they provide.

Here's to an outstanding 2012.

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