Wednesday, January 11


Finally...some clarity.

That elusive feeling of being right on target.

I always thought that this would be the case. I really did. All it took for me to really decide on what to do...and to remain focused on a minimal amount of projects at a time...was the incentive. Now I'm not talking money (more like the potential for money), rather the responsibility of finishing something. The fact that there are other people counting on me to do the work. That's all it took. Amazing, right? I really knew that that's all I needed...but obtaining that feeling, that notion, was the hard part.

So I mentioned last time how I write comic reviews on my Tumblr account. That has since turned into something a little bit more. My So Much Comics review contributions can now be found on another website, a group of which I am a part: Real Comic Guys! They saw what I was doing and liked what I had to offer, and wanted me to join their group. The goal of Real Comic Guys is to provide a sort of "one-stop-shop" website for reviews and news for all kinds of comics from all over the web, as well as developing their own original stuff. They're starting out kind of small right now, as they just recently launched, but I feel like this will go very well, and it's nice to be a part of something bigger that shares my passion of comic books. It feels good to be counted on to finish my reviews. People have told me before that they buy comics based off what I say, and hopefully with this new group I can reach even more people.

Secondly, that cartoon in development has suddenly exploded into my main focus. Forget everything else I was doing (except comics :P). This project is going to be what I pour myself into. I met with the creator, named Frank, and my good friend Kristen, who's the art director. They like what I'm bringing to the table in terms of the characters and some thematic ideas for the show. We're all working together, and it's going to be excellent to be a part of a creative team like this. So now they, too, are counting on me to get stuff completed and to them. We have goals that are set. We have schedules (however loose they currently are) to keep. There are plans in place to get certain parts of this done by certain dates. So a lot of it is riding on me to have the story built and completed to the point it's needed.

See Kristen's artwork for project "Galaxy Travelers" on her blog: Howling Wolf Art.

So it seems like all the pieces I need are in place.
  1. I'm excited about the project.
  2. I have the tools I need.
  3. I have the people counting on me.
  4. I see the goals set in place for the future.
I'm more responsible for these projects now. Whereas, before, if I didn't get them done it wasn't a big deal because it didn't affect anybody else. Now it's different. Now, if I don't do's my reputation on the line. And I guess that means something to me.

So here goes nothing, and I really hope this cartoon takes off and is bought by some distributing company so that we can all make lots of money. :)

Oh, and so you can all enjoy it too. ;)

What does it take to get you motivated? Are there "pieces" that you look for to keep you involved in a project? Do you think I should get an agent, now that I'm writing for something in development that could one day be bought and distributed? Or should I wait until we're closer to that point?

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