Wednesday, June 15


I guess, if you could say anything about this blog, you could say it's consistent.

Post A: "great progress being made!"

Post B: "I'm so sad because there's no progress!"

Post C: "So depressed... T_T"


Post E: "Man, no progress for a while...."

Go ahead and place your bets on what this post is going to be about. You got it. WOO GREAT PROGRESS!! I guess it's just a creative cycle I go through? Perhaps it's a learning experience I need to overcome or something. I'm really not sure. But, damn, is it annoying. And counter-productive too! So perhaps I just need to accept that this is part of my process. Not all too certain of what needs to be done yet.

However! Let's get back to the best part! I've made leaps and bounds! This is, of course, with some help from a friend and, somewhat, mentor. He even helped me develop the initial premise for my NEXT project, once this one is finished.

You heard it here first (or perhaps right from me in person...): I have a new project lined up after this one. And, boy, is it a doozy.

So, this story idea that I'm working on now used to have a huge superpowers plot to it. But I have slid that aside for the more "human" story buried within. Funny part is I found a way to still make the main character, Jacob, still "super" in his own way. I'm incorporating a condition for Jacob to have that has to do with his memory. This also opens avenues for why he would be attractive to the Mob.

This is turning into a very exciting story. I really hope I can pull it off!

Updates will come as great things happen!

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