Wednesday, May 18


Wow, I cannot believe how easy that was.

I can't believe how useful a bout of slight depression was.

This has been an outstanding week, and I have incredible news. Since my last blog post, I have finished the very first draft of the story for my screenplay. I was so mad at myself that I wasn't making any progress, and letting everything get in the way. I channeled that anger, and made sure I did everything I could, into shaping this story and putting it all down. What speed I had hidden there just under the surface of laziness!

This isn't to say that the screenplay's written, because no. In fact, I have written out, in story format, all of the major (and some minor) points of the story. From here, it will be infinitesimally easier to translate my idea into a screenplay. I am very excited.

I spent every day on this. There wasn't a moment where I was not thinking about this story and everything I could do with it. And now the first rough draft is complete.

I know very well that it's possible that some elements will change as I write and research further into my idea, so it will be interesting to find out what works and what doesn't stick. I'm hoping for something very similar to how this story goes, though. My main goal, though, is to make sure the story feels genuine, and sincere. So here goes!

Follow along for more updates as they come!

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